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Eagle Eyes Hydro Sunglasses
NASA Developed Technology

Eagle Eyes Hydro sunglasses provide the ultimate protection while on the water. Hydro sport sunglasses are made with TPX plastic, a low-density material with an extremely low water absorption rate- meaning, they float. With light weight frames and mirrored lenses for extra protection while on the water.

Hydro's mirrored Trilenium polarized lenses, originally developed with NASA optic Technology, blocks out 99.9% ultraviolet rays and harmful blue and violet light rays; while allowing in vision-enhancing light rays like green, yellow, orange and red that allow you to see images more vividly with better contrast and definition. With 2x Scratch-Guard, oleophobic (smudge-proof) and hydrophobic (water-repellent) coating, Hydro is built to protect you on and off the water.

Available in Black with orange mirror or Grey with blue mirror.

Includes a large soft case and microfiber pouch.

eagle eyes hydro sunglasses

Eagle Eyes Hydro Features:
  • Light-weight, comfortable fit
  • TPX plastic does not absorb water
  • Polarized, mirrored lenses
  • Available in matte black or matte gray
  • Soft case and microfiber pouch