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Phantom Saucer

In the 1970's a little worm attached to an invisible string came out on the market called Squirmles or Tricky Worm. They were hugely popular- kids loved playing with them and creating the illusion that the worm was moving by it self. In the recent years this retro toy has made a come back and kids are again having fun with this entertaining magic trick.

A spin off of this idea from As Seen on TV is the Phantom Saucer. The infomerical shows you how you can dazzle and amaze any audience with this magically flying saucer. OK, so it of course cannot be flying on its own and although a magician never shares their's also on an invisible string, just like the Squirmles worm from the 70's.

The Phantom Saucer comes with the flying saucer and the invisible string that you attach to your ear so your hands can be free to perform magic tricks. It's really pretty simple from there- you just spin the flying saucer and come up with movements to make it appear that it's moving on its own. It's really fun and gives kids a chance to get creative and tap into their inner magician and performer.

The Phantom Saucer may take some practice and might not be suitable for very young children (although they will be fascinated watching an older sibling perform these tricks). These are great for kids age 7-adults (yes, adults like magic tricks, too).

Magic tricks have long been a favorite activity for kids- they love to see the amazement on their audiences (that would be you) faces and they feel great pride in mastering these tricks, however simple they are. It's a great way to build self esteem and confidence as well as public speaking. The tricks might seem silly but the process of getting up in front of an audience and performing them does a lot to grow important life skills in a child.

The Phantom Saucer, and any magic tricks, can be a lot of fun. What parent doesn't like to watch their child perform? Let you kids play around with these, you'll get a fantastic show out of it!