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Hover Ball Indoor Soccer Ball

Hover Ball Indoor Soccer Ball is a soccer ball that can be played indoors without scratching up furniture, walls, or the floors. The ball itself is like half a ball, the bottom is flat allowing it to glide along the floor.

In the commercials they show the ball "hovering" over the floor. Does this really happen? Kind of. Hover Ball is not battery operated so it can't actually lift up off the ground on its own. What happens is when the ball is kicked across the floor it picks up air and then lifts up a bit. We say the Hover Ball "glides" over the floor. The important thing here is that the ball does do what they say in the sense that you can play with it indoors and the material is soft so it does not cause damage to your walls, floors, and furniture, while easily gliding across any floor surface.

Hover Ball is smaller than a traditional soccer ball at about 6" across. We assume this is to make it safe for indoor play. There are other benefits to playing with a smaller soccer ball- improves footwork and agility. So for those who are soccer players on a team- getting a Hover Ball could improve your game!