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my fun fish tank

My Fun Fish is a 1/2 gallon fish tank made especially for kids. The aquarium itself is made of acrylic so it won't break, very kid friendly. The best part is this tank is self-cleaning- super kid friendly and parent friendly!

How does it work? On the side of My Fun Fish tank is a spout that pulls water from the bottom when new water is added. The water on the bottom has all the dirt and grime so when you add fresh water the dirty water just automatically gets pushed out the spout.

Is this method really effective? Yes, for the most part it is. This doesn't mean that you will never have to clean the tank out but it certainly reduces how often you do. Over time the rocks (included) will hold onto some of the dirt and algae and will need to be taken out and thoroughly cleaned, along with the tank it self. What's great about My Fun Fish is the self-cleaning technology does work to keep the tank much cleaner than traditional aquariums so parents, the ones who would end up doing the cleaning, don't have to clean it so often.

What we like about My Fun Fish is it's an easy way to introduce a pet to kids. There is very minimal work involved so it's a great way for children to have fun with a pet while teaching them about the responsibilities required to take care of a pet at a level they can actually handle.