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Copper Fit Knee

Copper Fit Knee is a compression sleeve that has copper infused in the material to help facilitate healing in the knee joint and surrounding muscles. Compression wear has long been prescribed by doctors to help with injuries or to support weakened joints. The compression sleeve helps to reduce inflammation, improved blood circulation, reduce pain, and provide support.

How does copper help in a compression sleeve? Copper is an essential nutrient and aids the body in recovery. Having copper infused in the material of Copper Fit helps you recover faster than just using a traditional compression.

The feedback on Copper Fit has been great. One of staff members is a runner who, like many runners, has knee problems and frequently has to take a break from running for weeks at a time due to knee injuries. She has started wearing Copper Fit Knee during her daily runs and has found that it gives her the support her knee needs and has reduced her recovery time so she doesn't have to take those weeks off from running that she used to. It has definitely helped her improve her performance.